This custom product has been retired because I am simply no longer interested in building these things anymore plus over-seas shipping costs are becoming prohibitive. It costs more in shipping than it costs for the actual plastic battery holders just to import enough holders to build another 200 units...(around $1,800 for battery holders and shipping to make another 200 units that typically sell for around $120 each on Ebay.)

I do still have all the tools and other supplies to build these battery packs including a couple partial spools of wire, a very old roll of labels, some different piles of the hardware and connectors, a stack of the custom trays and also the custom die to cut more new trays at your local box cutting facility. Also have the parts lists and even an instructional video for building these battery packs as well as the original HTML used to make this site.

If somebody is interested in purchasing this domain, the leftover parts, supplies, tools and equipment and placing a new order at the Comf battery company for more battery holders to start building these things and selling them on ebay for at least $120 per unit then; I think it's worth at least $2,000.00 if you are interested. The custom die alone cost close to $300 nearly 20 years ago and to sell another 200 units is potentially another $24,000.00 and could actually sell a lot more if advertised in radio collectors forums and magazines.

Phone: 303-809-4229.


Would you like to test your Zenith Trans-Oceanic (or other) tube radio on battery power? Or display it with a beautiful, well built and long lasting battery? Are you concerned about power surges or rolling black outs? Does your radio sound bad due to A/C hum? Would you like to take your radio on the road or just use batteries for the convenience and IMPROVED SHORTWAVE PERFORMANCE? Then CHECK THIS OUT:


For use with Zenith Trans-Oceanic and other radios such as the RCA Stratoworld, Hallicrafters TW1000 & TW2000 or any other radio that would use a Bright Star- 66-03, Burgess- G6B60, Eveready- 752, Funken 939, General- 343, Hallicrafters- P999, Olin Bond- 0616, Ray-O-Vac-AB995, RCA- VS047, Sears- 6401, Usalite- AB677, Willard- WZ-3 or Zenith- Z-985 battery. Providing an "A" output of 9 volts DC and a "B" output of 90 volts DC.


Providing steady and gentle PURE DC power for your precious equipment. This means there is not any need for complicated voltage regulation or circuit protection!

For anybody who is not familiar with the design found in most of these radios - Internal circuitry includes a crossover resistor that ties both A & B together when the radio is on. This means that even though battery power is very stable already; your radio actually stabilizes the power even more! Helping to maintain battery voltage and providing up to 99 volts for radio performance. And of course; it is a vacuum tube circuit which is not nearly as susceptible to voltage changes as a solid state circuit is! (Don't EVER let anybody tell you different.)

That’s right folks! This IS a BATTERY! DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED by somebody using scare tactics by telling you that your radio tubes "need protection"! This battery does not need any kind of voltage regulation. Your radio was designed to run on BATTERY POWER providing slightly LOWER VOLTAGE than A/C power, and has done so just fine for DECADES. (If a tube fails when a new battery is installed? It simply means that tube was weak and about to fail anyway. And was even more likely to fail on the higher voltage AC power.)

Click here for larger image.

This quality, custom built product consists of a heavy-duty reinforced tray, 3 holders that hold 60 AA cells and 1 holder that hold 6 D cells along with a connector for your radio. All professionally wired with OVER-SIZED WIRING and mounted in a well built, long lasting, reusable battery pack that is covered by a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY! (It's so simple and reliable, what's to go wrong with it? You could go through 3 changes of batteries over a 5 year period and it will still be in a new condition safely protected inside your radio!)

Unlike an electronic inverter/converter there is no need for “circuit protection” because, again, it is a BATTERY using small flashlight cells. It is protected by it’s own internal resistance and is not a fire hazard like an inverter can be if not properly protected and regulated. (Voltage regulation & circuit protection is REQUIRED for such complicated devices to operate properly and safely, it is not an "advantage".)

Battery life-

The cells this battery pack uses are more than TWICE THE CAPACITY of the "waffer" cells originally used 50+ years ago and will greatly extend the expected battery life over the original Zinc/Carbon A/B battery! I have customers from two years ago reporting that they are still using their first set of alkaline batteries!

You can expect a battery life of around 425 hours depending on model, battery quality and average listening of a couple hours per day. Compare this to an inverter running on D-cells at only 70 hours. And of course you also have the unique advantage to be able to replace the D-cell filament batteries separate from the plate batteries as the AA-cells will tend to outlast the D-cells.

NOTE - Some models such as the 7G and 8G require a secondary "Z-1" battery for the loctal tube voltage at 10.5 volts. And others such as the 600 series have a dial light. And a Z-1 battery substitute is included for FREE as a separate option if needed for your particular model. And includes a hook & latch fastener for convenient mounting in your radio or on the battery pack.

How does it compare in terms of battery replacement costs?

There are more expensive and complicated products available using an electronic circuit and 10 D-cells with a battery life of around 70 hours compared to 425 hours when using my PURE DC battery pack.

In terms of cost, based on a battery price of $0.25 ea. for AA-cells and $0.75 ea. for D-cells: ONE change of batteries lasting 425+ hours in my product will cost: $20.25 including the FREE Z-1 which you may not need. ($19.50 without Z-1)

Versus SIX changes of batteries in the other products for the SAME HOURS COSTING MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH AT: $45.00!

And THEN, with my product, as 425 hours are used up and the D-cells are depleted - You can get ADDITIONAL TIME by simply replacing the D-cells at a cost of ONLY $4.50!

WARRANTY - This item is warranted against defects for FIVE YEARS and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

SHIPPING - FREE SHIPPING! - Shipping & Handling costs are included in the base price.

Payment - Price including cash discount is: $120.00 I only accept BLANK Western Union or US postal Money Orders, Federal Reserve Notes, Gold & Silver to qualify for cash discount or I can also accept Visa and MasterCard for a total payment of: $140.00

BATTERIES - Are not included. And some great battery prices can be found online with a simple keyword search at your favorite search engine. Some online stores feature zinc/carbon AA-cells for as little as $0.10 each! and alkaline AA-cells for $0.20 each!

NOTICE - This experimental product is intended for use by serious radio collectors who are familiar with vacuum tube circuits and the associated voltages involved. Be aware that the output connector on this battery pack carries a potential of 90 volts when the batteries are installed.

QUESTIONS - Please feel free to call me if you have any questions - 303-822-9868 or visit my Ebay home page here: about me. or my business page here: Rod's Appliance Service

DIMENSIONS - 11.5"W X 2.5"H X 4.75"D

This battery pack is very simple, reliable and LIGHTWEIGHT! Only 13 ounces empty! The total weight WITH batteries is only 5.5 pounds. As compared to such things as: inverters, converters, lead/acid batteries, chargers, power supplies, etc.

Click here for more information.

Still not sold?

Then consider this: If a Trans-Oceanic owner's manual sells for $25 and a dead T-O battery sells for $50.00 or a non-functional T-O radio sells for around $75.00 and a really high end, mint condition T-O with a top grain leather case brings over $2,000.00? Then what is the battery pack worth?

Is it worth the cost of ONE MEAL for the extended family at a good restaurant? :)

This product has been in production for years and is very well tested. It has received nothing but positive feedback at My Ebay auctions. Please feel free to view the feedback on this product by clicking HERE where you can view customer comments.

I have been designing and building such products ever since I was a kid. And, as a design engineer and businessman, I stand by my product! If there are any problems whatsoever? I will solve them! You can count on it! :)
Over 900 units sold during a 10 year period with only one warranty claim!
(His radio had a short circuit which damaged the battery pack and new holders where sold to him at cost.)